Being always prepared for work or the outdoors means you’ll most likely carry a knife for cutting and other activities. Having a pocket knife sharpener is a sure fired way of getting the right edge, the way you like it on your knives. Scissors and other cutting tools can benefit from a handy knife sharpener, and reliability, durability, and above standard manufacturing all come into play when choosing a pocket knife sharpener. In some cases, one’s safety can be at risk, especially if out hunting or camping. That all being said, we’ll look at the best five pocket knife sharpeners on the market today.


Product Rating Price
Smith's PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener 4.4/5 $
Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic 4.6/5 $
Smith's 50408 Pocket Pal X2 Sharpener and Survival Tool 4.4/5 $$
Wusthof 2899 2-Stage Pocket Knife Sharpener 4.1/5 $
Fiskars Pocket Knife Sharpener 3247 4.0/5 $

Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multi-function Sharpener

First on the list is the Smith PP1 Pocket Pal multi-function sharpener. It has carbide blades that allow for a quick and sure edge. Tapered diamond rod for taking care of serrated edges and gut hooks. It’s got a ceramic finishing slot and Lanyard hole. The preset sharpening angels allow for excellent results. It also has replaceable and reversible carbide blades and ceramic stones.

This item’s specs are 3-12 inches long and 1 inch wide. It weighs in at about 1 ounce. Do not clean the knife sharpener with water. The blades are for straight edges only and are replaceable and reversible. It has a tapered round rod, medium diamond 400 grit, pull-through coarse ceramic 600 grit.

Overall, this sharpener hits the highest marks for all the good reasons. It meets customer expectations and industry standards above and beyond the call of duty. The engineering and design showcase the care and concern of the manufacturer, and the bottom line is, it gets the job done right the first time. No major learning curves, no ridiculous instructions, you can learn how to use it in no time, and master it fast. Even if it doesn’t work for serrated edged blades, this handles straight edges with perfection. A definite indoor device, but if you keep it high and dry you can take it with you on outdoor events.

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

Second on the list is the Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic. It has a diamond tapered rod for quick reconditioning and maintenance, is made of Tungsten Carbide, has ceramic sharpening rods-PolistThe serrated sharpening option is engineered to take care of the smallest of serrations on a knife for optimum performance.

The specs on this item are 8.3 x 3.2 x 0.3 inches and ships at a weight of o.3 ounces.

Overall, fans and customers love it. It says a lot when their only major complaint is that they have to buy two or three for presents to others because once other people see it, they want one. Its ability to sharpen serrated edged blades is an extra plus and makes it one of the best overall sharpeners in its class, hence its listing here. In addition, the company that manufactures it went to great extremes to provide a high end professional product that meets customer expectations. That kind of care and concern is a signpost that your hard earned dollar is being invested wisely in a tool that will give you years of satisfaction.

Smith’s 50408 Pocket Pal X2 Sharpener and Survival Tool

The Smith’s 50408 Pocket Pal X2 sharpener and survival tool is a real gem. Not only does it sharpen straight and serrated edges, but it comes with a compass, signal whistle, LED light, fire starter tapered diamond rod for sharpening those serrated edges and gut hooks, carbide blades allow for a quick edge ceramic finishing slot, preset sharpening angles give awesome results and top notch abrasive components for a keen cutting edge.

There’s something to be said about this one as even the company boasts about it by stating, “Our new Pocket Pal X2 is lightweight, compact, and durable just like our current Pocket Pal, but with all the added features for a standard survival kit. It is sure to be a hit with backpackers, hikers, campers, and outdoor sports enthusiasts.”

That’s saying a mouthful and an understatement. This knife sharpener has so many cool features, it would be fun just to have around anyway. This is a superior value whether you’re a craftsman, outdoor enthusiast, or just anyone who needs a real full bodied pocket tool.

The specs on this item are 3.4 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches and ships at a weight of 0.3 ounces.

Overall, this sharpener could have been #1 on this list. It offers so many features that one has to take a second look to see if one is really seeing what one is believing. It’s perfect not only for the home and office and shop, but it should be in everyone’s camping arsenal. Especially recreational vehicles and campers. You never know when you’ll need to put an edge on a blade at a moment’s notice. This thing is like a survival kit all rolled into one and would make an excellent gift to friend and family. Young people could have awesome use of this while camping as well as picnics. Pound for pound, a real great buy.

Wusthof 2899 2-Stage Pocket Knife Sharpener

Number four on our list is the Wusthof 2899 2-Stage Pocket Knife Sharpener. It’s a real pocket sized knife sharpener with coarse carbide heads that allow for a blade’s edge to get that professional edge. It has two different slots that are labeled, fine ceramic rods, non-slip rubber inserts on the top and bottom to provide stability and safety, a key chain for carrying, and is a bright red, textured grip sporting the Wusthof’s Trident emblem.

The specs on this item are 3 x 2 x 1 inches and weighs in at 1.6 ounces.

Overall, this is a tool that you need to have on you at all times. Even if you work at the office. It’s so compact, simple, and efficient, that it should be standard equipment around the house, out in the field, or at the shop. When you need that extra edge on a tool, you just whip it out and get busy. It’s safe and durable and fans and customers find it a remarkable buy. They often buy more than one for several people of the household and employees at the shop. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is the pocket sized knife sharpener you shouldn’t go out without.

Fiskars Pocket Knife Sharpener

Not much to say about this knife sharpener other than it comes from Fiskars. It’s a two-stage ceramic rods unit that allows for knife sharpening. The coarse rod takes care of the imperfections on the blade and the fine rod will sharpen it to a razor sharp edge. Rather large, it’s not pocket sized at 8.8 x 0.5 x 3.8 inches and weighing in at 3.5 ounces.

Customers do however praise this item. It will put a very sharp edge on a blade quickly and efficiently. A definitely must have tool around the house and on camping trips.

Overall, this is the no frills pocket knife sharpener. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the other top bands, but it gets to the point, no pun intended. The rods allow for getting that precise edge on a variety of blades, and is really pocket sized. You take it with you on the road, trips, office, shop, it’s great for hobby enthusiasts too when you need an edge on a tool for model building. When you’re working on those small and intricate projects and need a quick sharpening, this unit will do you just well.


All five of these sharpeners are top notch. Engineered and designed by long time professionals in the field tho value fine craftsmanship. They’ve studied the usage and wear and tear a sharpener can go through and look at the final results of both new and older blades. Materials that make a strong and durable product are incorporated by each company, and tested thoroughly. They know the need for sharp tools is essential whether at home or at work or even in the field of outdoor camping and sports. Safety is also essential. At least now you know what to look for in a top knife sharpener and where to get them.