We have received a lot of requests to review the new Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Professional knife sharpener and perhaps even grant him the status of the best knife sharpener that is currently being hold by a similar model, so we decided to take a look and put it to test.  We were immediately impressed with the performance and quality of this latest knife sharpener, especially when it came to sharpening more high end blades or traditionally difficult blades such as gourmet knives, butcher knives, hunting knives or even serrated knives.

Chef’s Choice Professional Knife Sharpener Review

This Chef’s Choice electric knife sharpener is able to keep all your knives razor sharp and polished by making use of its extremely advanced three-stage polishing system.  In the first 2 stages, the 2 blade facets are created using 100 & diamond abrasives while the third stage is reserved for more final stropping and polishing. This is at the core of Chef’s Choice patented technology that ensures all type of knives (even serrated ones) can be properly sharpened.

As you can see in the above picture, this knife sharpener boasts three separate sharpening systems with internal springs that help you secure your knives for sharpening. When in use, the stabilizing feet and the specially designed base keeps the sharpener fixed as to avoid any moving or unfortunate accidents. What makes this knife sharpener unique though is its automated cleaning system for the honing disks.

The Chef’s Choice 120 three stage model is the most versatile knife sharpener on the market, being able to sharpen all kinds of knives easy and fast:

  • excellent for gourmet knives sharpening: this is an extremely safe electric knife sharpener to be used on your highest quality cutlery, it’s stage three of the stropping process being able to get that ultra-smooth razor sharp edge without damaging the knives.
  • excellent for butcher knives sharpening: the patented sharpening technology described above allows for the highest duration your edge stay sharper, ideal for prolonged used in a butcher shop.
  • excellent for hunting or sporting knives: due to the multi-beveled edges, the sharpened blades can be even used for non traditional activities, such as woodworking or hunting.
  • excellent for serrated knives: perhaps one of the few electric knife sharpeners available today that is able to sharpen serrated knives, bring them to a better than factory level

The Chef’s Choice unit does not require any liquids or oils for the sharpening process, everything being done lightning fast and easy to understand by the three stages sharpening system.  It is backed by a 3 year warranty.

We were very impressed with this model and we can wholeheartedly recommend it as one of the top choices for those looking for a professional knife sharpener.