With a name like Cutco, you’ve got to feel like it’s the company to put out the best in sharpeners. That takes us to the Cutco Sharpener for straight edge knives. It’s a top end engineered and designed thermo resin product that won’t chip, crack, fade or absorb material. To back it all up, CUTCO has a “forever guarantee” which means free sharpening and replacement, forever. That’s a guarantee that cannot be beat. This is why they can make the claim of being the #1 brand name in industry quality for the past 50 years.

The company was founded in 1949 in Olean, New York, and has grown to become the largest manufacturer of kitchen cutlery in both the United States and Canada. They make an assortment of products from kitchen knives to flatware, utensils, shears, and of course, sharpeners. They have around 700 employees working on their products. They have been so ahead of their time that it was in 1952 that they were designing products ergonomically and in 1960 they broke out with the exclusive Double-D stay-sharp recessed edge that was then added to a number of their products. Originally, the company was created as a product for the Wear-Ever Aluminum that at the time was a division of ALCOA. After introducing their Double-D recessed edge the new signature Wedge-Lock handle replaced it. Then in 1982, the company changed hands after a management buyout that then turned the company private.

The Cutco sharpener comes from this company and it’s a real piece of great engineering and design. Ergonomic and attractive, it has a big handle and allows for firm grip while you sharpen your straight edge blade. It’s made of thermoplastic and is 6-78 inches in length.

Fans of this model of sharpener will surprise you with their experiences. In one case, a customer didn’t realize it didn’t sharpen serrated edges and when they asked Cutco about it, Cutco actually sent out a technician to sharpen their serrated blades! Now THAT is service that calls for boasting! Other fans are so addicted to Cutco products that when they buy this knife sharpener, they go and buy as many other Cutco products that they can. This knife sharpener, they say, not only sharpened their blades but also their old blades thus saving them money by not having to have to throw them away and buy new knives.

The only con regarding the Cutco knife sharpener is that it didn’t make a consistent edge, however that was one negative vote against the overwhelming positive votes for the sharpener.

It’s a simple, easy to use knife sharpener that makes a great addition to the home, office, shop, and as a great gift idea.