The Global Speed Sharpener Gss-01 is a small but highly efficient knife sharpener. It’s for carrying around whenever out and about where the use of cutting tools like knives are needed. The company is Japanese and prides itself in excellence. This particular product has many uses where a sharp knife or cutting tool needs sharpening.

It’s a simple double edged stainless steel product for the kitchen knife primarily, but works with other cutting tools you may have for a variety of purposes. The stainless steel body is also of alumina ceramics. It’s specs are 10.5 x 2.6 x 1.5 cm and it weighs in at 63 grams.

To use it, put the blade in the double edged stainless steel sharpener and let the ceramic do the sharpening. Pull the knife vertically after placing the sharpener on a flat surface. Hold firmly all the while. Try drawing the blade through the notch about 6 to 10 times and that should suffice.

This sharpener comes with guidelines regarding returns. If the product has been in your possession for one week from the shipping date without contacting the company, the product is used at least once, the sharpener is damaged by the user, void returns.

This company was started in 1983. It was the Yoshida metal industry co. Ltd (YOSHIKIN). From there the sharpener gained worldwide attention to the point that demand shot up. It was awarded the Good Design Award in 1990.

Fans love it and boast about it. The manufacturer goes through extensive inspections before any sharpener is shipped. People keep these sharpeners and wisely buy multiples to give away to friends and family as gifts. Low cost, and durable, from a company of world renown. Definitely a great buy and bargain.