Whether cooking, hunting, combating, camping, it is mandatory to have proper tools for every activity. A dull knife is frustrating as the tasks cannot be carried effectively. Extra effort is needed for task completion, and it is dangerous to use blunt knives. A sharp knife is, in fact, much safer and powerful than a dull one. Dull knife is dangerous as one needs to apply more force in order to cut, which might result in a cut or slip. There are several knife sharpening tools available on the market, and it becomes difficult to figure out which one would pay the exact value for money.

Wicked Edge Knife Sharpeners

The Wicked edge knife sharpener has revolutionized the system of knife sharpening, and it was selected as sharpening accessory of the year. It won “Accessory of the year” award in the year 2012 at Blade Show. It is regarded as the best knife sharpener as it allows anyone to attain razor edge within minutes. It comes along with a base, which includes eight diamond stones, along with fine 800 grit stones and ultra fine 1000 grit stones in the package. 53.5 diamond offers the polished edge look. Having an angle adjustment on either side, 30 to 60 degrees is also included.

The Edge Pro Apex Knife sharpener

The Edge pro Apex 4 has the potential of sharpening any size and shape of the knife until 3.5 inches wide. Serrated knives can be used to sharpen knives at similar angles that make re-sharpening easy. Inside the kit, one can find 5 water stones, including 120 grit stone, 220 grit medium grit, 320 grit, 600 and 1000 grit ultra fine stone. Such stones are mounted on plates to last longer times. Just by twisting the knob anyone can change them. Another specialty of the particular sharpener is that it does not take much metal as compared to other electric sharpeners, and hence one will not notice wavy edges. There is no need to maintain the sharpener also as a routine cleaning will only suffice. Since the sharpener does not create much heat, knife will not be damaged.

Lansky sharpeners: The great sharpening system

The knife sharpening system includes diamond hones of different kinds that come in distinct colours with safety holders which are finger-grooved. One can find guide rod for every honing stone and there is specially formulated honing oil to offer sufficient lubrication to prevent hones from wearing out.

Wet sharpening system of Northern Industrial

The sharpening system uses a wet bath for sharpening knife without causing any heat. The knife jig can accommodate razors from ˝ to 4 inches.

Professional kitchen knife sharpener

This particular knife sharpener is the best knife sharpener available as it can sharpen all the distinct sizes of knives. Colour rule is included in the sharpener kit to project accurate knife angle. One can find four high-quality stones in this, and the best part is that it is especially designed for protecting hands, and the system is comprised of beat quality stainless steel. So, now there is no need to apply extra force to carry out cutting. This particular sharpening system has the potential of keeping the knife sharp for months.